The economic crisis is on our minds and the effects are felt on our wallets. The level of crime is more than a bit worrisome, I agree. But there is something in that glass. It may not seem half full (in some cases), but it’s definitely not empty! For some of us, it’s actually ¾ full, but we continue to lament that ¼. We all need to remember that somewhere, someone has it harder than we do. A little optimism can sometimes make the day a whole lot better!

Some things that make me smile:

1) People who give their seats up to older folk

2) Courteous drivers

3) Fathers who take an interest in their kids

4) People who can’t dance but do it nonetheless. And they don’t care what you think!

5) People who inconvenience themselves for others

6) When your team dominates the UEFA Champions league 😉

7) Young people who work hard (e.g my staff J)

8) “Thank you” “Excuse me” I beg your pardon” Yup…they’re still around

9) Young men who do not collapse under pressure but choose the straight and narrow

10) The color yellow

11) Women who run foster homes just for the love of kids

12) Families that stick together!

13) The sound of children’s laughter, the sight of them at play

14) Melissa Pierre, Mechell Sampson, Natasha Thomas, Lecah Goddard, Christopher Garcia, Sarah Seepersad, Kevon Jordon. These young people wake up early on Saturday mornings to raise funds for community projects.

15) Celebrities who remain down to earth despite their millions

16) Ms. California’s response to Perez’s question

17) When everyday people get the opportunity to realize their dreams!! You go Grandma Lee! (America’s Got Talent)

16) When we don’t find excuses, but find solutions

17) When Barack Obama danced on Ellen Degeneres’ show

18) Couples in love

19) Gentlemen

20) Gratitude

21) Golden apple (pommecythere) season!

22) A clean house, if I don’t have to do the cleaning myself

23) Happy People

24) Usain Bolt and his antics!

25) Whitney Houston sans Bobby Brown!

26) Beyonce’s classy reaction in the Taylor Swift – Kanye West debacle.

27) Plus- size models in Glamour magazine

28) Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe

29) When your team wins the World Cup (Viva Espana!). Lol

30) When the haters think you should stop talking about your winning team 😉

31) When the scale budges – downwards that is!

32) SHOES!!!!

I will keep adding to my list– you can add yours in too– till we’re all smiles

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  1. Hey they make me smile too…18) No lines at the supermarket
    19) Lying in bed listening to the rain on the roof and outside
    20) Midnight phone calls that last for hours after instant messaging and texting all day

  2. Rafa winning US OPEN another spanish win lol
    taking a walk with someone you just met and enjoying every minute of it
    the finer things in life
    just a thought of that special someone
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww blush blush blush
    a warm memmory
    i can go on and on lol

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