This is my foundation – AGAPE Love in Motion Foundation. We tackle community projects aimed at making life better for those in our immediate surroundings. We believe that Charity begins at home. Melissa Pierre, Mechell Sampson, Natasha Thomas, Christopher Garcia, Lecah Goddard, Sarah Seepersad, Kevon Jordan, Amanda Ali, Candice Bandoo, Juanita Jerrick, Michelle James-Abraham have all worked to make things a little easier for recipients of our support.

 So far our activities include:

1) Christmas party and gifts for all students of the Curepe Vedic School (Dec 2008)

2) Play area for the students of the Curepe Vedic School

3) Monetary contribution to families in need of financial assistance

4) Contribution of foodstuff to Children’s homes

5) Monetary contribution to children in need of medical attention

6) In Support of Cancer Awareness Month October 2009, we are selling ‘Be Better’ Bears on behalf of Just Because Foundation. The bears cost TT $100. 



 7) Will be representing at the Annual Cancer Remembrance Walk on 31st October, 2009. This is held by the T&T Cancer Society and Republic Bank.


8) Christmas (2009) we donated to a geriatric home (St. Samuel’s Home) in Curepe.

                                                                     Some Agape volunteers

9) We are partnering with Is There Not A Cause (ISNAC) to raise funds for Haiti.



Contributions are always welcomed towards these projects.


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  1. Keep up the good work. Its admirable to see people giving back to the community. I would like to contribute $ 1000 TT to the cause.

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