What a Wick: the last 7 days in 13 (5th to 11th April 2014) By Pilaiye Cenac


A fan of “Wick” refuses to believe that there’s so much weirdness in our world.
Her words: “How are those things even remotely, reasonably, technically, humanly, logically possible?!”
My response: “Well, apparently they are some-kinda-possible!”

Need more proof? See below…

  1. A Norwegian fisherman caught a fish and found a massive vibrator inside of it.
  2. An Italian man was sentenced to six months in jail for “being too good at sex”. His girlfriend’s loud moaning during their lovemaking “terrorized” his neighbors.
  3. A Pakistani judge dismissed the attempted murder charge brought against a 9-month-old boy in a case revealing a dysfunctional justice system.
  4. Chinese authorities claim that they cannot take any action against a kindergarten teacher who urinated in a female colleague’s flask. Tests revealed that the perpetrator had no infectious diseases and as a result he had caused no ‘harm’.
  5. A Chinese businessman captured a jar of clean air in France and sold it for ¥5,250 (£500) when he returned home.
  6. In the US, an atheist thought his roommate was Jesus and attacked him.
  7. An Australian woman blames rats for the collapse of her house. She is convinced that the rats ate the house from the inside out.
  8. A NY nursing home has been hiring strippers to ‘entertain’ its residents on a regular basis. The son of a resident is suing the home.
  9. A Chinese man had to be rushed to the hospital after using a skipping rope as a sex toy; he’d inserted the rope up his urethra for sexual pleasure.
  10. A cinema in England was forced to cancel the first screening of the movie Noah due to flooding.
  11. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) has applied to be an official religion in Poland.
  12. A sewage treatment plant in the US is advertising as a wedding venue.
  13. A US man who tried to avoid being charged with marijuana possession told cops the marijuana found in the car was not his because he had stolen the car.

Consider yourselves up to speed…..


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