Decode this message


Reporter: What you think about flooding in Castries?

Man: Well actually you know the flooding in Castries I find it very been normalised yuh know….because from youngs, young boy growing up, you know,  I always find that before a big rain heavy shower fall   St. Lucia is always been flooded. So I find I’m very used to that. So I find it’s normal you know.  But the situation could just be as normalised….

Reporter: And what do you think about VAT coming up?

Man: Well, so far so good. You know, life moves on. So life goes and comes. That’s how we take it. So it’s not all that a big deal. We just have to make time you know for certain things, even financially

Reporter: And what about um… the government giving the bus drivers financial support?

Man: Well actually I find that they supposed to be determine that to put an axe on the bus drivers because they would loiter around with the girls and all these things. I want these fellas to be very mediarized  close look of what is going on of our humanity, and our race. These fellas are in charge of our life. So we dealing with our life. These fellas there like is life water when it comes to, how you saying it again, getting you to your destination. So these fellas are sort of like….they are destination leaders or community leaders. So these guys have to go through some training facility: go to La Borde; go to the gym. They have, they have certain places, even Singer have to open a gym there too for the workers. Even the speculators have to have a gym for when you go overseas. You have to be fit from the Caribbean growth. Even all the bartenders, they link up with some….all of the foods products, like VAT have to put all these facility of sporting activity in these people and make sure that they call them on time, that they could get their physical supplement from the the the the the……how you say it….the facilities. These guys have to be like under arrest with our our….how you say it again…..the public eyes overseeing these fellas. It’s just like when you go to the military: these guys are militarians.

You need to take care of things sister. I don’t just come….imagine that, I would like to come and say that openly that I am the onliest guy in professionally made, flesh and blood in likeness and image like God Jesus Christ twin brother, and I have resurrect …..I cannot even count the amount of humans I’ve, I’ve resurrect from the dead. People before you all call Crick or Rambally, please calls…what what, what our, our company related?? What, what..give us our link….what are my linked to….what are our links?


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