A Reality Show I'd Try Out For


Thinking… please wait

My personality would NOT allow me to, but I don’t want to appear closed-minded so let’s see:

America's Got Talent: I’m not American

American Idol: Ditto

Survivor: Maybe, if I could leave before nightfall, on the FIRST DAY

Big Brother: Yes, as a fly on the wall in the Big Brother House

Project Runway: Maybe, I’d appear just to say “Thank you Mood” and “Make it Work”

So You Think You Can Dance: No, I don’t think I can dance.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians: As soon as I’m done keeping up with my own life

What Not To Wear: Yes, without the cameras around

The Apprentice: Definitely Not! I’m my own boss

End of open-mindedness. The answer is NO

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