What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (25th June to 1st July 2011)


Someone once told you, “You can do anything if you try.” Conceive, Þ Believe Þ Achieve, that’s the formula! That’s all it takes? It’s that automatic? So for those things achieved this Wick, are we to assume that there were Conceivers and Believers? Who are they?


  1. There’s an underwear shortage at a US prison; inmates are forced to wear the same undergarment for days at a time.
  2. Scotland Yard has ordered policemen to stop arresting people whose only crime is cussing the police.
  3. Lightning stuck a school in Uganda and killed 22 students and one teacher.
  4. Apparently, UN peacekeepers from Nepal were the ones who brought Cholera to Haiti when they came to offer assistance after the earthquake.
  5. Chavez finally revealed the truth about his health —  he has cancer.
  6. A US prison allowed two murder convicts to get married on the compound. During the ceremony, mesh fencing separated the bride and groom, and they were not allowed to touch or kiss.  “It was the nicest wedding of two people in jail I’ve ever seen,” said a lawyer who was present.
  7. US police charged a homeless man who’d helped himself to an outdoor electrical outlet to charge his two cell phones.
  8. In the US, a woman tried to resist arrest by spraying police with her breast milk.
  9. Researchers have found that ovulating women have the ability to identify homosexual men.

10. A driver in China obeyed a sign indicating the location of a car park. The sign pointed down a flight of stairs.

11. Over 250 Colombian women began their “Crossed Legs Strike”. They will withhold sex until their husbands get the government to pave the road to their community. The husbands subsequently launched a hunger strike (no pun intended) to pressure the government.

12. A UK man accused of raping a teenager says he is innocent because he suffers from sexsomnia and has no way of stopping himself from having sex while he sleeps.

13. Buju faces jail time but his lawyer assured that the US will not seize his assets.

14. “I hate the babies, they disgust me…My older six are animals, getting more and more out of control, because I have no time to properly discipline them,” said the Octomum.

15. A US journalist called Obama a ‘dick’ on national television.

16. A Trinidadian living in New York will spend 6 years in prison for torturing and killing a pet cat.

17. A drunk driver in the US hit and killed a pedestrian, and drove for three miles with the victim’s body lodged in the passenger sit next to him. The driver, who was eventually stopped by police, had not even noticed the victim in his car.

18. A Scottish woman finally received help to overcome her phobia. For 20 years she’d been afraid to eat bananas; she’d even been afraid of being in the same room as a banana.

19. A US man was a Good Samaritan when he returned $17 000 that he had found; however he was fined $500 for lying about where he’d found the cash.

Consider yourselves up to speed…



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