What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (18th to 24th June 2011)


Let me put some concerns to rest. No, ‘Wickly’ items are not made up. Yes, they really happen. No, those things have not become ‘normal’ to me. No, I don’t get tired of hearing that you look forward to those weird stories every weekend. And to celebrate our weird Wickly we-lationship I provide even more stories to make you go ‘Fa real?’

  1. A recruitment agency put together a list of interview “blunders”. It included an interviewee phoning his parents halfway through the interview to let them know that things were going well, and interviewees bringing parents along to interviews to speak on their behalf.
  2. The” beautiful people” website was struck by a “Shrek” virus which allowed thousands of “ugly” people to sign up.
  3. A US man has developed a fast-food bestseller –fried Kool-Aid.
  4.  An 11-year-old Jamaican boy committed suicide by hanging.
  5. A British company hopes to get its erection-enhancing condom approved throughout Europe.
  6. An unemployed Irishman invested in billboard advertising himself; the billboard begged:  “Save me from emigration”. He landed a lucrative job as a result.
  7. A Jewish court believed that a stray dog was the reincarnation of a lawyer who’d once insulted that court; therefore it condemned the dog to death by stoning.
  8. “This is clear evidence that the bees are sensitive to phone signals and are disturbed by mobile phones,” a Swiss scientist reported. Mobile phone signals supposedly affect bees’ buzzing, and cause them to leave the hive at the wrong time.
  9. Buju Banton was sentenced to 10 years in US prison.

10. A 67-year-old US man is grieving over his loss: someone stole his Barbie doll featuring a detachable pregnant belly containing a tiny doll fetus.

11. In the US, a clerk told a robber that she could not access the cash because a purchase had to be made to open the register. The robber purchased a pack of gum for $1.

12. A US woman hit a little boy who was riding his bike; she got out of her car to retrieve her hubcap and left the little boy who was seriously injured.

13. In the US, a man was buried with dentures belonging to another man. His wife asked that his body be dug up to correct that mistake.

14. In the UK, a thief came to court wearing the coat he’d denied stealing.

15. In the US, a coin box placed to collect money for children with cancer was stolen from a police station.

16. People are starting to wonder about Hugo Chavez’s health since he’s been uncharacteristically silent of late.

17. The Haitian parliament rejected their President’s choice of prime minister.

18. Jack Warner resigned from his position as a vice-president of FIFA amid a corruption scandal.

19. In France, a woman was granted permission to marry her dead fiancé. The authorities allowed this because she was able to prove that they were in the process of planning the wedding when he died.

Consider yourselves up to speed…


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