What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (4th to 10th June 2011)


Some of my Wickly stories are over the top, but have you ever wondered how the parents concerned feel when they watch the news? Children (of all ages) are a source of joy, but sometimes, not so much. Parents concerned and concerned parents, what are your thoughts on the situations below?

  1. A US man was charged with disorderly conduct for paying a $25 medical bill with 2,500 pennies.
  2. A new foundation on a waterfront in a US city had to be turned off because people insisted on using the fountain as a bathroom – they urinated, defecated and even showered there.
  3. According to research, 25% of Britons routinely allow their pets to share the same bed as a family member.
  4. A survey found that over 50% of parents in the US are helping, or have helped, support their adult children financially.
  5. A gay bar in Australia won the right to deny entry to women; many women went to the bar with the intention of converting the gay men to straight men.
  6. An Australian MP has apologized for not being beautiful: “It’s true, that looking at me isn’t as nice as looking out there but my apologies for that… You are what you are”.
  7. A US study suggests that typing can help you lose just as much weight as working out at a gym.
  8. Police arrested a US man who threatened the host of a child’s birthday party with a gun because his children didn’t get any cake or ice cream.
  9. A UK mom gave her 7-year-old daughter a birthday gift of a voucher to get a boob job.

10. Usain Bolt won the 200m in Norway with a world leading time of 19.86 seconds.

11. A former Gucci employee accused the company of paying Rihanna less to model the brand because of her Caribbean origins.

12. Osama bin Laden’s US code name was actually ‘Cakebread’ and not ‘Geronimo’.

13. Switzerland launched a radio porn show to encourage couples to make love more often.

14. The Australian government is concerned about the increasing number of websites asking teens to rate their sexual prowess.

15. The high court in Singapore ruled that a judge is allowed to consider a woman’s attractiveness when deciding on maintenance payments. The more attractive she is the more marketable, and therefore the less maintenance the ex-husband will have to pay.

16. A US barber almost severed a customer’s ear when he bit the man in an altercation stemming from the customers complaint that he was taking too long on the haircut.

17. In the US, a thief chopped down a tree just to steal a bike chained to it.

18. Researchers have reported that ‘Jamaica’s popular music is constructed in a depressed pattern and, in effect, influences society negatively.’

19. A UK bank was left unlocked for over 4 hours, after employees had gone home. Some passersby realized the blunder, called the police and guarded the bank till the police came.

Consider yourselves up to speed…


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