What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (21st to 27th May 2011)


The pastor behind the May 21st rapture prediction said he’d miscalculated. (Why ya rolling your eyes? Haven’t you ever made a mistake?) According to him, the rapture will now take place in 5 months –  on 21st October 2011.  We’ve been blessed with 5 additional months to turn our lives around! To secure your pass for October, start with a good deed. Find 19 items below; put in a good word or provide some good advice as the case may be.

  1. UK doctors are prescribing drinking water for elderly patients at a hospital; those neglected patients were literally dying of thirst.
  2. Toyota will give drivers the opportunity to interact with their vehicles in a way similar to posting on Facebook or Twitter; Toyota Friend is a social network for Toyota owners.
  3. In Brazil, a thief cut off and stole a woman’s hair while she waited at a bus stop. Hear this…the hair was of value because it was virgin, i.e it had not been chemically treated.
  4. In the UK, an imprisoned burglar claims that his eight-month prison term is unfair because of how it will affect his five children.  His lawyer claims that the judge should “bear in mind the consequences to children if the sole carer is sent to prison”.
  5. Mexican police finally removed the fully stocked bar that had been operating inside a jail.
  6. A Canadian couple will raise their four-month-old baby as a “genderless” child. They refuse to divulge the child’s sex.
  7. A US man built an airplane in his basement. Now that it’s completed, he can’t get it out.
  8. A survey of 1600 office workers found that most of them believe that making tea and coffee for colleagues at their office leads to a promotion at work.
  9. Two Chinese couples tied the knot at their place of work — a cemetery. “The cemetery witnessed our love. Only death could part us… It’s a natural choice for us, as we work here and love this place,” one of them said.

10. Research has revealed that Hitler had tried to build an army of fearsome ‘speaking’ dogs to help them win World War ll.

11. A UK church hired a foxy young blonde woman as their priest and the congregation doubled.

12. A US woman has been charged for offering to sell her 11-year-old daughter’s virginity to a man for $US10,000.

13. “Today, Fernando was taking care of a sick calf when Christina came home and was angry at him for paying more attention to the sick animal than her… Christina accused Fernando of not being in love with her anymore.” And what did Christina do, according to the police report? She stabbed Fernando with an 8-inch kitchen knife.

14. A Kennel Club in the UK launched an online dating site for dogs.

15. A UK motorist was arrested when he was caught steering with his knees at 70mph. His hands were engaged: he had a phone in each hand (talking on one and texting on the other).

16. A man became the first Briton to go to therapy to overcome his sausage addiction; he eats 13 sausages every day.

17. Twelve (12) South African villagers face charges for burning a pastor to death; they believed that the pastor used a ‘magic penis’ to sleep with women.

18. A 65-year-old American man was lost in a swamp for 4 days and survived on plant stems and his urine.

19. Usain Bolt made a winning return in Rome after a nine-month injury lay-off.

Consider yourselves up to speed…


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