In Those Final, Pre-Meteor Hours, What Would I Do?


Absolutely nothing IMPORTANT…

Dead End – close up

I am positive that no airline would facilitate my family get-together. No cashier would wait on me at the supermarket checkout while I shopped for my last meal or the ingredients for my last meal. Furthermore, I hate cooking, so there is no way that I would slave over a stove for the benefit of a last meal.

Hurricane/storm warnings incite chaos, so a meteor alert would probably provoke far worse. I could be stuck in traffic for those last 24 hours of my life, given the situation (though I really hope not). It would probably be impossible to reach loved ones despite all our technology. I can’t even hope for peace and quiet as I’m sure people would be rushing about, in some cases in vain, to fulfill their last wishes.

I want my last 24 hours to be filled with the knowledge that I lived and loved well. I want to do the IMPORTANT things daily so that I don’t have to rely on those 24 shorts hours.

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