What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (9th – 15th October, 2010)


The Queen of England has cancelled the annual Christmas party (awww…man). “Given the current economic climate, it was thought that it was appropriate for the household to show restraint,” a royal spokesman explained. Thank you ‘Mrs. Queen’ (as Chavez would say) for the level of discipline demonstrated; it is not commonplace.  Sometimes we do need to focus on what is important and set the frivolities aside. From time to time, we should stop, step back and ask, “Is that action/information/attitude really necessary?”


  1. All 33 Chilean miners made it out alive, but the US media chose to focus on the drama surrounding the one miner with the wife and the jabal and the alleged infighting amongst the miners during their two-month ordeal.
  2. In Germany, vending machines selling disposal shoes will be mounted outside of nightclubs. This will serve the women who dance all night in high heels and would ordinarily walk home barefooted.
  3. Those hoping for a job in the civil service in Indonesia must complete a test.  On that test applicants are asked to name a song from their president’s last album; the president had been a pop singer before taking up office.
  4. The American who got his eye socket punctured by a stripper’s shoe while he enjoyed a lap dance at a strip club has won $650,000 in a settlement.
  5. Scientists warn that if things continue as they have been, by 2030 humans will need two planets for the provision of food, water and other materials.
  6. In South Korean sending romantic text messages to someone other than one’s spouse constitutes grounds for divorce.
  7. Some South Africans have asked the rapper 50 Cent to become “godfather” to a rhino because the animal survived being shot 9 times.
  8. According to a survey of Britons, they start becoming grumpy from age 52.
  9. A genealogist found family ties between Obama and Sarah Palin.

10. The court granted Buju bail of US$250,000;however he will be monitored 24 hours a day and he will also undergo drug testing.

11. Vybz Kartel’s song “Cake Soap” is stirring controversy among Jamaicans. The essence of the debate: “Bleaching no right still inno, people fi be proud of dem blackness and him as an influencing figure should not be influencing di yute dem that way.”

12. The acting prime minister of T&T posed the question “Who would like to be a Prime Minister?” to a group of students. After a long uncomfortable silence, a student responded with the question:  “How much is the salary?”

13. Research has determined that noises in the surroundings actually affect flavor and crunchiness of foods.

14. A state in India will award $20,000 to anyone who can design an “air-conditioned jacket” for laborers who toil out in the sun.

15. A US teen caught shoplifting was forced to dress up as Bert from Sesame Street and then carry a sign indicating that he had shoplifted.

16. Apparently countries are ranked on the basis of ‘most admired’; currently, the top four are US, Germany, France, UK, Japan.

17. Iran’s president taunted arch foe, Israel, during his visit to Lebanon this week. He reiterated his view that Israel should be wiped off the map.

18. An OAS expert reported that the sex tourism industry thrives in certain Caribbean countries and that this could lead to an increase in human trafficking.

19. British police wanted to prove their workload so they posted the 3,205 incidents they handled over a 24-hour period on Twitter. Included in there was a woman who called to report that a man had shouted, “you’re gorgeous” at her.


Consider yourselves up to speed….



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