If I Could Go Back in Time


I don’t like to dwell on what could have been/should have been; I’m a ‘Oh well, this didn’t work. Time for a Plan T” kinda girl. The ‘woe is me’ approach really irks me. I don’t understand those who sit and wonder why life is passing by. (Ummm…well… you’re sitting, you’re stationary. It’s not that difficult to pass you by).

I have no desire to turn back the hands of time, to go back in time, to swap lives with anyone else, to undo anything in my past, to know what the future holds ahead of time …I am proud of who I am today and I must credit my hardships (and there were many) and missteps for their contributions. If I change anything, I would miss out on the lessons, relationships, knowledge, other experiences etc.

In my life, there’s room for improvement but no vacancy for all-consuming regret.

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