What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (2nd to 8th October, 2010)


Generosity: readiness or liberality in giving.  When faced with generosity, should you always accept graciously? Below find 19 instances of giving ,up for your consideration.


  1. Give a sign: An American woman faces charges for hitting a driver in the face with a bag of dog feces. She claimed that she did it to stop him from speeding.
  2. Give a heads up: The residents of Dennery were not forewarned that heavy rains would lead to the ruinous flooding of their village this week.
  3. Give in: “The white stuff is not mine, but the weed is.” Those words belonged to an American caught by police with a bag of marijuana and 27 pieces of rock cocaine hidden between his buttocks.
  4. Give up the ghost: ‘Danger’, a Kenyan polygamist known for marrying 100 wives and fathering 160 children, died this week.
  5. Give a break: The thousands of condoms being flushed down the toilets blocked the drainage system at the athletes’ village at the Commonwealth games in India.
  6. Give a present: 12 university students put together an erotic calendar as a gift to the Russian prime minister for his birthday.
  7. Give a cold shoulder:  Some firefighters in the US stood around and watched a family’s house burn down because the owners had not paid the US $75 annual protection fee.
  8. Give a little: A six-year-old girl sent the money she’d received from the tooth fairy to British Prime Minister with a note for him to “make the country better and pay for jobs”.
  9. Give as good as you get: The Bolivian president responded to a rough tackle by kneeing a rival player in the groin during a football match.

10. Give a performance: A Philippine airline features cabin crewmembers dancing during the flight.

11. Give voice: A Swedish preschool teacher lost his job after he tweeted “ …I think I will rape 6-7 young girls…” after his first day on the job.

12. Give an eye: A US woman accidentally used super glue instead of eye drops and glued her eye shut.

13. Give advice: A German scientist designed a chair that alerts occupants who’ve been sitting too long that they need to move.

14. Give notice: In the Philippines, those who don’t sing the national anthem as it should be sung could land in jail and face a fine of more than US $2,000.

15. Give a hard time: A Zimbabwean man has accused three women of kidnapping, drugging and raping him.

16. Give a false impression: In the UK, a 60-year old pastor accused of assaulting a 12-year-old girl claimed in court “it was a banana in my pocket”.

17. Give a chance: A judge gave the professional clown who won a seat in Brazil’s congress 10 days to prove that he is not illiterate.

18. Give chase: In Taiwan, rice farmers are using Michael Jackson scarecrows to keep birds away from their crops.

19. Give a bad name: Again, Usain Bolt defeated Chris Gayle on the cricket field.


Consider yourselves up to speed….



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