One Body Part I'd Change



Yea…’sometimes I need a push’ but some prompts on here don't prompt me to get up off the writer's block, and in such cases I usually don't respond.

But I was thinking (yea…I over think, you should know this by now) that Plinky might have some plan that we Plinkers are oblivious to. Maybe at end of year they will review all the responses and award accordingly. For instance, if you’re not such a good neighbor (prompt on Oct 8th) you could win a taller fence or an eviction notice; if you’ve accepted a trip to the moon (prompt on Oct 5th), you could win free moon walking classes etc.

I will only respond to this particular body part prompt because I’ve been to several doctors and can’t get relief from my runner’s knee. So Plinky if you’re planning to award for this prompt, please pick me!

But note, I already have enough knee support bands, so be CREATIVE!

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