Celebrity for a day



If I abandon myself for a day to be someone else, who will be me? Do I get to choose the replacement me? Things are not perfect in my world but I’m not really willing to lose a full day. I need to know what the arrangement is. Would it be a swap situation? And what if the celebrity doesn’t want to switch back after the day expires? What if this person messes up my life in 24 short hours? What of reparation? Lawwwddd …I dunno about this…

But seriously, I would not want to be anyone else –especially not a celebrity. Celebrities most probably have public and private faces; we all do, to an extent. I think I would kick myself if I chose to be someone ‘I knew’ only through the media and woke up to find out that she is actually a crack head, an abusive mother, a freak, a bit unstable…

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  1. one me and i like it i love me don’t know how you feel about you lol………… life.

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