My 'Fas' (i.e Inquisitive) Neighbor


I imagine that this is what the woman who always stares at me when I drive out of my compound thinks…

“Who? De girl with de dreadlocks and de blue car? I dunno much about she. I not really into people business; I have enough on my plate. Anybody who know me will tell you that. But that girl with that blue car I can’t figure she out, not for nutting. She live alone, I tink. Well I eh sure, but it look so. These tings not my concern. Strange eh, how she been living there a while now and I can’t even tell what kinda job she does do from how she dress. Because one day she go step out dress up dress up and de other days she more dress down. As I say, I not into people business but these things you does jus see. Yea. Doh say I say, but doh mind how she looking quiet, there was a day she was getting on with a man in de yard. I was surprised to see that side of she. I couldn’t hear what she was saying because I live quite across the road, opposite her compound but you does know when somebody vex from a mile away. And she was pissing vex that day. Well as I say before, I doh know much eh.”

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