What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (11th -17th September, 2010)


I know this man who lives to gamble. Lotto, Lucky 3, Play Whe, Scratch, name it, he’s game.  All day he studies random occurrences looking for signs from which he derives numbers to play. “I don’t rely on luck. The universe speaks to me and I make sure I listen,” he said to me. Ummm…well, okay Mr. Man. But you’re still in luck because the universe gave me some numbers for you this Wick. If you win anything, don’t forget me eh. Bonne Chance!

  1. Play 55 or 60: Alphonsus “Arrow” Cassell, who sang the popular soca “Hot Hot Hot,” passed away this week. Some media reported his year of birth as 1954, others as 1949.
  2. The number 200 is sacred, so play it: Members of a church in the US had pledged that when the membership grew to 200, they would all get tattoos of the church logo. They’re at that point now.
  3. 6 may be too little: A day care attendant received a 6-month sentence for drugging kids with diet supplements, in order to get them to sleep.
  4. 1 is small but powerful: A man is suing a grocery store claiming that he found 1 used tampon in his box of cereal.
  5. Don’t play 60: A British woman found herself to be the 60th known person with foreign accent syndrome. She woke up with a French accent after suffering from a serious migraine.
  6. 165 is unlucky: A human rights group in Korea is challenging a matching making agency’s discriminatory action. The agency rejects the application of short men (i.e. men shorter than 165 centimeters/ 5 feet, five inches), on the basis that women prefer taller men.
  7. 13 is not unlucky this time: In November, Obama will release a children’s book; it pays tribute to 13 “groundbreaking Americans and the ideals that have shaped” the US.
  8. You might lose by 2: British researchers found that individuals lose 2 close friends every time they start a new relationship.
  9. Definitely don’t play 18: A Japanese teacher is in trouble with the education board for her approach during a math lesson. She asked the kids to calculate the number of days it would take to kill 18 kids if three kids were killed each day.

10. Play the full 100: New Zealand merchants are selling fake urine to allow employees to pass drug tests at their workplaces. They boast that this pee has a 100% pass rate.

11. Play by the book, 84 : An 11 year old cow has found itself in the Guinness World Records book as the world’s smallest cow at 33.5 inches (84 centimeters).

12. 19 might not be enough to win: Cuba claims that the embargo has worsened under Obama and the Cuban government has suggested 19 steps to soften this embargo.

13. 17 won’t guarantee a win: A British teenager will never ever be able to enter the US because he sent an abusive email to Obama.

14. Derive what you will from 43.7: The US reports the highest rate of poverty on record; 43.7 million Americans fall below the poverty line.

15. 260 might be too large to play: A 260-pound French woman suffered from a kidney infection, but her size made normal kidney removal surgery quite risky; therefore the doctors removed the kidney through her vagina.

16. 12 could change everything: In a new reality show “Bridalplasty”, 12 engaged women will compete to win plastic surgery procedures for a big reveal on their wedding day. The groom will see the transformation for the first time at the altar.

17. The blue ball might not fall at 73: The 73 year old Italian prime minister admitted to an audience, “Women are lining up to marry me, because I’m a nice guy, because I’m loaded, because I know how to deal with women.”

18. Don’t go for only 500,000: Jamaican Vybz Kartel stars in a new sex tape and he could make up to US$ 500,000 if he accepts a porn company’s deal.

19. Go for 15 million: A young Australian with an estimated worth of $15 million dreams of working at fast-food joint McDonald’s; however his application was rejected.

Consider yourselves up to speed….


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