The Most Bizarre Person I've Ever Met



I didn’t respond to this prompt yesterday because I was mentally sorting out the nominees, to finally decide the award winner. So many people – didn’t want to disappoint anyone. But c’est la vie.

I’ve met some strange people yes, but I think I’ve seen a lot stranger on reality tv; however, ten minutes ago (it’s now 12 :11 pm), I interviewed this young lady for a job and I will admit, she’s not the ‘most bizarre’ but she shows potential.

• She assured me that she is very professional; and I’m so happy she set things straight because her stained shirt, super short skirt and flip-flops were attempting to convince me otherwise.

• Her strengths include the ‘ability to count money well’.

• She does not possess a sound high school education but wants to be a doctor ‘as soon as possible’, and to achieve that goal she plans to enroll at a local business school in the near future.

They did say to try to be memorable at a job interview…didn’t they?

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