Heart Versus Head


Starring! Head and Heart!

Which do I trust more — the head honcho or the heartstring? To determine the way forward, the former insists on a head- to- head while the latter espouses a heart- to- heart. One’s too hearty; the other’s too heady. One’s prone to headaches, the other to heartbreaks. Neither has proven wholly reliable, but witnessing their deliberative process brings enlightenment.

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  1. very interesting. its funny i have always used my heart to make the decisions that i thought were the right ones. i am not the only one cus when i sit and talk to the young ladies i work with they to have and will continue to listen to what their heart is saying not me. i have had enough of heartache nice way u put it. i think persons should be using their heads a whole lot more and look beyound what meets the eye. would love to know what your thoughts are on my response.

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