My Region? It's Like This


I’m a Caribbean girl…and for those who keep asking, no, Caribbean is not another name for Jamaica. Jamaica is just one of the many islands in the archipelago sprawled between North and South America. But as I write this I am in Trinidad & Tobago – located closer to South America.

To me the islands have similar temperaments.

Tropical havens. Only two seasons to worry about. Either it rains or it doesn’t; therefore persistent small talk about the weather is not part of the landscape here. Hurricane advisories are ignored until it’s too late.

The people are still generally described as pleasant. Strangers still offer greetings; neighbors still offer assistance when/where needed, but it’s fair to say that the community feeling is giving way to individualism.

The region boasts delectable indigenous cuisine but the KFCs, TGIs, Burger Kings and Pizza Huts are able to increase their profits yearly, while the people increase their waistlines.

The culture, a lovely rich interweave despite some unfortunate historical happenings. Our folk and heritage centres preach that the ethnocentric notions channeled in through our boob tubes should not be held as our own.

The islands are mostly still very verdant, not wholly concrete jungles. Tourist visit for the sandy beaches and captivating scenery, the ones not yet bought over by condo- building, time-sharing foreigners.

Most of the islands are English-speaking. Not always the Queen’s English. But what do you expect after such treatment from a Mother country?

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