What I Believe (or Don't)


I am not religious…anymore.

In the last days of my religiosity, I used to sit in the pew wondering why I remained on the set of this bad movie with the characteristic wannabe stars jostling for the spotlight, misguided direction, and storyline fraught with holes.

I don’t believe in obeah; I resist the urge to believe that my creepy neighbor had something to do with my string of failures. I wouldn’t board a spaceship designated for the righteous; I would want to know why I qualified above those being left behind. I don’t believe that miracles find you on your knees; you need to do the legwork. But I do have questions about how it all came about and what the climax will look like. And I remain open-minded.

Until the answers find me (because I’m not searching tirelessly; I’m busy living)… I will strive to be the change I wish to see in this world!

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