How I Feel About Swear Words, Goshdarnit


Cuss Etiquette

In my Caribbean homeland, getting cussed in French patois means getting properly and indubitably insulted. The word ‘fuck’ and its modifiers are mild compared to the degree of injury a Kweyol tongue can inflict.

Surely, cussing is not for everyone, everywhere, every time (nothing is!). Like most people, I don’t relish my ‘cuss buds’ and I do feel uncomfortable when profanity is used around me, to a great extent in fact. But it happens. Here are a few of the instances where I find it acceptable:

1.During a steamy sexual encounter when the lateral orbitofrontal cortex shuts and you’re almost literally at a loss for words (at least words that make sense).

2. When you’re presented with only two options 1) Strangle the said individual 2) Subject the said individual to a tongue lashing

3.As an evolved version of the yelp

4.When you don’t want to be accused of speaking above people’s heads. If that’s the language they understand, you must comply

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