If you were a super hero what special power would you have and why?


I read this prompt while suffering in traffic, pleading to an ac subverted by heat, feeling the onset of a migraine thanks to the honking motorists who thought that their commotion alone had the power to clear a path. So I allowed my situation, instead of my commonsense, to dictate this response.

Sitting in that car, I wished only for the power to fling heavy-duty booby traps into the paths of deviant driver who rode the highway’s shoulders. Maybe not just this highway but probably all highways far and wide where deviant drivers roam… And as a secondary ability, I want to delete this confession from the memory of any one who thinks any less of me after having read this. Cause I’m really a nice person. Truly. I am. LOL

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  1. I would want to be able to read people’s minds, but only on 3 days of the week because I have a feeling that I really would not want to be bombarded by the things I would see, daily.

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