What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (24th – 30th July, 2010)


I responded to a prompt on Plinky this week, used the word ‘bazodee’ and I got some emails asking of the availability of a dictionary of Caribbean terms. I had received similar inquiries when I had done a Wick on Lucian slang last November.  So this Wick, I’m doing WWTS – What Wud Trinis Say?

  1. Apparently Wyclef  Jean is considering running for President of Haiti.  ‘Dat might be the onliest how Haiti cud get tru.’
  2. The Clintons host a grand affair this weekend – their only daughter ties the knot; but word is Obama wasn’t invited.  ‘So yuh kno, de media all over dat like bamsy flies.’
  3. Plastic surgery for pets has become popular in the US. Possible procedures include ‘debarking’, testicular implants, salivary duct transposition, eye tucks, ear implants.  ‘Dem idle oui.’
  4. Fidel Castro’s memoir is expected to be released soon. “Now yuh talking.”
  5. The privacy of 100 million Facebook users was violated when their personal details were published in a downloadable file online. “Dem files get buss? Wha dey go do?”
  6. A third of the dogs in the UK are overweight. “Daz wha yuh does call a pot- hong.”
  7. An Indian court fined a woman who filed for divorce based on her husband’s impotence. “She rel bad mind.”
  8. UK’s health ministry found that referring to people as ‘fat’ rather than ‘obese’ motivated them to take action to lose weight. “Call dem mampee? Doh make joke.”
  9. The St. Lucian government signed a contract to begin the process of geothermal power extraction from the sulphur springs. “Dere business fix.”

10. In Belize, a husband was charged for stealing two of his wife’s dildos. “Wat scene he on? Dat suspect.”

11. The British PM’s plain talk has aggravated some nations to the extent that he is being referred to as immature. “He rel badlucky.”

12. Tourists to the Pyrenees are being advised to beware of gangs of vicious cows. A German woman is now in critical condition as a result of an attack. “If you doh listen, is you go ketch.”

13. Some Canadians are furious because an Anglican priest offered Holy Communion to a dog in church.  “De priest get rel bouff up for dat.”

14. Guyana is determined to become the main food supplier in the region. “True ting?

15. Scientists in England, found that it was possible to determine whether pigs were feeling optimistic or pessimistic about their lives. “Wha dat hadda do wit anyting? I ent business ‘bout that.”

16. India’s census bureau placed housewives, prostitutes, beggars and prisoners in the same economic category. “So dey trying to say alla dem people skating? I eh feel so nah.”

17. BP’s CEO stepped down after being “demonized and vilified’ according to his statement. “He fire de wo’k jus so boi.”

18. Iran has accused the Western world of a conspiracy to smuggle cigarettes contaminated with pig blood and nuclear material into their country. “Oh geed! Dem wicked.”

19.  A US woman who was speeding in an effort to elude police stopped at a red light. There, she was arrested. “Buh wha’ de jail is dis?”

Consider yourselves up to speed…


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