The challenge – Feedback and all that jazz


I am at your mercy 😉 … soliciting your feedback.  You can email your responses to any or all of the questions below to from April 20th to the 5th May 2010.

 1.  Are there any specific areas you would like to see tackled in magazines targeting Caribbean women?

 2. Do you have any comments on “What a Wick” featured in St. Lucia’s Voice Newspaper?

 3. Do you have any suggestions for/comments on this blog?

 4. Any other generalized comments?

To show my appreciation, on May 6th I will randomly draw from the list of those who mailed (doesn’t matter the nature of the feedback), and the person selected will receive 2 tickets to any St. Lucia jazz event. Non-St. Lucians would receive another token.

 I am looking forward to some candid views…

Thanks again.


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  1. I find “what a wick” very refreshing. Its innovative and witty and i look forward to reading it every weekend.

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