What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (3rd-9th April, 2010)


I’m back after a Wick off. The break was so effective that I have returned unto you with insight. Here goes – there are more than just 7 wonders of this world! Shocker?! During my scouring, I found 19 more:

  1. I wonder what this new nuclear arms reduction pact between the US and Russia really means when superpowers want to flex their muscles.
  2. I wonder how this chaos in Thailand will end especially since a state of emergency was declared this week.
  3. I wonder why letters of concern were the only consequence faced by two US doctors who performed a C-section on a woman who was not pregnant. They had not verified her claims of pregnancy pre- op.
  4. I wonder if Trinidadians are disappointed that they fell to second place – behind Papua, New Guinea – in the ranking of countries Googling pornography.
  5. I wonder why a Pakistani doctor chose to use an ambulance to transport a live cow he’d bought at the market to his home.
  6. I wonder why Honduras gave Mr. Vegas a key to their city when Grenada wouldn’t even give him a work permit to perform there.
  7. I wonder what will happen if you develop loose bowels on Ryanair and you have no loose change. The airline plans to reduce toilets to one per plane and install coin machines to collect $1.30 per toilet use.
  8. I wonder if I know anyone in the 20% of those surveyed globally who believe that aliens, disguised as humans, live among us.
  9. I wonder how Jamaica’s tourist industry will fare.  A UK website has placed Jamaica as the first on a list of five countries gays should avoid.

10.  I wonder if that IGA award won by Super J means even more IGA products for Lucians.

11.  I wonder if Carlsberg workers in Denmark were sober when they walked off their jobs in protest after management decided that beers should only be consumed during lunch and not all throughout the day.

12.  I wonder why two women felt that their plan to sneak a dead man onto a plane bound for Germany from the UK was feasible. He’d been dead for 12 hours and airport workers said that he looked dead.

13.  I wonder what parenting has come to when a US woman was charged with harassment for making entries on her son’s Facebook page.

14.  I wonder how it feels to lose your Sir name. Antigua revoked Allen Stanford’s knighthood.

15.  I wonder what St. Lucia needs to fall in with St Kitts and Nevis as “Favorite Destination in the Caribbean” for 2010.

16.  I wonder if penis envy is responsible for a 6.5 feet species of lizard landing on the endangered list. The lizards have two penises which “are used alternately and contain spines or hooks that serve as anchor within the female during intercourse.”

17.  I wonder how young is too young.  In Yemen, 3 days after a 12 year old was married off to a 23 year old man, she died of internal bleeding resulting from intercourse.

18.  I wonder how long it would take for the Pope to meet with all those who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of RC priests. He has announced that he is available for meetings.

19.  I wonder why a Canadian store owner would sell $US300 swastika-engraved soaps which were supposedly made from the remains of Holocaust victims.

 Consider yourselves up to speed…


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