What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (27th Feb-5th March, 2010)


Decisions, decisions, decisions. Jake decided to choose Vienna.  Yup.  Good or bad choice? Hmmm. Don’t ask me.  I will keep my two cents in my pocket because it’s still guava season around these parts. But what I will say is that I’m happy they chose St. Lucia since we were able to get some good publicity as a result. Hopefully when I travel from now on I will encounter fewer people who wonder aloud whether St. Lucia is Jamaica or near Jamaica. 

Anyway, this Wick let’s look at some other decisions made. Good? Bad? It’s up to you.

  1. Catholics in France have some decisions to make if they want to confess their sins. A confession hotline has been set up and the operator gives the options:”For advice on confessing, press one. To confess, press two. To listen to some confessions, press three… In case of serious or mortal sins — that is, sins that have cut you off from Christ our Lord, it is indispensable to confide in a priest”.
  2. Tiger has made the decision to start focusing on golf again.
  3. Obama has made some bad food choices since becoming president and now his cholesterol is up to a borderline-high at 209.
  4. An Englishman got fined and had his license suspended because he chose to walk his dog without actually walking himself. He held on to the dog’s leash and drove alongside it as it walked.
  5. Faced with the decision of a new refrigerator? You now have a choice of one with Internet access, made by South Korea’s Samsung.
  6.  Buju Banton made the decision to plead entrapment but I’m skeptical given that there is video evidence of him tasting cocaine and making arrangements for its sale.
  7. Mo’Nique admitted this week that her decision not to shave her legs hinges on her husband’s love of hairy legs.
  8. Authorities made a decision to arrest a Swedish pilot for using a fake license while he was in the cockpit ready to take off with 101 passengers. You’d never have guessed that this pilot had been flying passengers for 13 years and had logged 10000 flight hours over that period, using that same fake license.
  9. A World Bank report indicated that a deficiency in health care in the Caribbean is partly due to Caribbean nurses’ decision to migrate to the more developed countries.

10.  The 11 year old son of the president of Azerbaijan decided that he wanted 9 mansions in Dubai, costing $44 million, and that’s what he got.

11.  A Chinese teacher chose to punish misbehaving kindergarteners by pricking them on their hands, feet and bottoms with a hypodermic needle. She’s awaiting the court’s decision.

12.  A family left Haiti after the devastation there, but it turns out that Chile was not the best choice for refuge. But to the Desarmes’ credit, they did survive two major earthquakes.

13.  A group of parents in the Philippines decided that because the feeding programme at their children’s school was below par, the school was of no use, so they burned it down.

14.  Even before he died, a life-long smoker decided that he wanted the words “Smoking Killed Me” displayed on his hearse and at the gravesite. This Englishman’s wish was granted.

15.  In a German village people can decide which pothole they want to purchase. The money paid (€50) is used to repair the pothole and the owner of the former pothole gets to put a personal message where the hole once was.

16.  Victims of Allen Stanford’s scheme have decided to launch a global campaign, “Anti-Crime, Anti-Antigua”, to discourage tourists and investors from supporting the island. 

17.  A former madam has decided to run for the governorship of New York. She claimed that the knowledge gained from running a prostitution business will be helpful in running a state.

18.  Britons are not too pleased about the decision by the government to place cameras in household bins since this could lead to charges based on what and how much they throw out.

19.  Of all the vehicles in a parking lot, a German man chose a police car to line up his drug to snort.

Consider yourselves up to speed…


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