What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (12th-18th Dec, 2009)


It’s hard to decide on gifts for certain people. Sometimes we go with what we can afford; other times we aim for practicality. In some instances we wish the persons concerned would help by dropping a hint and in other cases we’d prefer if they stated emphatically “All I want for Christmas is…”

  1. A better report card: President Obama gave himself “a good solid B-plus.” Many people give him a failing grade. Castro is one of the many. 
  2. To maintain the status quo: Some Italians are upset about the dark-skinned Jesus, Mary and Joseph on display at a local courthouse. 
  3. A wholesome hobby: The Chinese government will continue its anti- pornography drive in 2010. 
  4. Kudo: Ben Bernanke was named TIME magazine’s 2009 Person of the Year, and Bolt was on the shortlist.
  5. A few good men: Westerners were advised that the Taliban has no shortage of volunteers from their own region. Therefore, they need not apply.
  6. Some common sense: A gay Jamaican man who had both his eyes dug out by his lover, pleaded for the court to release the offender to come home to take care of him.
  7. An airtight alibi: Buju Banton was arrested in the US and charged for his part in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine.
  8. A Porta Potty: A Trini man broke into a roti shop to use their toilet.  He fell asleep and was discovered there in the morning. He was fined TT $3000.
  9. Home sweet home: After 35 years in prison, a US man was exonerated by DNA evidence.
  10. To be a worthy competitor: A controversial billboard in New Zealand shows a sour faced Joseph in bed with Mary after the deed. The caption underneath reads “Poor Joseph. God is a hard act to follow.”

11.  No privatization of the water service: Some Jamaican men drive around,  approach people using water for what they consider unimportant activities (e.g washing a car) and demand that tax be paid to them immediately.

12.  A change of climate: 193 nations gathered in Copenhagen to discuss solutions to the global climate crisis. 

13.  Suspension of all political roro: Marcus Nicholas accused St. Lucia’s PM and the leader of the oppositionof conspiring against him.

14.  A new story: Rihanna posed for half naked pics in GQ magazine to make us forget the pictures of her battered face that were leaked onto the internet earlier this year.

15.  To befriend the big O: Oprah donated $1.5 million to a school in Atlanta.

16.  Clean atmosphere: A Jamaican woman assaulted another. The offense?  The woman had bad breath and continued to speak to the attacker despite warnings to desist.

17.  A role model: in the US, a 4-year-old boy was found drunk, roaming his neighborhood wearing a little girl’s dress, saying that he wanted to go meet his father in jail.

18.  A date: Allen Stanford’s trial will begin January 2011. He will face 21 charges.

19.  A chill pill: First Colombia, now the Netherlands. Chavez accused the latter,  “along with the Yankee empire, of preparing aggression against Venezuela.”

Consider yourselves up to speed….


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