What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (5th-11th Dec, 2009)


Kids are told that there are benefits to being Nice and drawbacks to being Naughty and the verdict is handed down at Christmas time. (Hopefully) We adults don’t believe in Santa but we do believe in consequences. In the grownup world, who was naughty and who was nice this week? And what were the consequences?

  1. Gatorade was nice enough to drop their endorsement deal with Tiger Woods amid the golfer’s sex scandal. They actually did him a favor. At this point, can you imagine Tiger repeating the Gatorade slogan “Is it in you?
  2. UK parents have deemed all shops encouraging the ‘pinkification’ of little girls, naughty and they called for a boycott of those businesses.
  3. Tennis Star Andy Murray was a naughty videogame obsessed boyfriend and his girlfriend broke up with him as a result.
  4. The Australian police thought that two stars were naughty for killing and cooking a rat for consumption on a reality show. The stars were charged for animal cruelty.
  5. Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on the heels of agreeing to more troops for Afghanistan and he was nice enough to speak on ‘just wars’…
  6. But Fidel Castro criticized his actions as naughty. In Castro’s view Obama should not have accepted this peace prize after committing to the Afghan war.
  7. Some St. Lucians were nice enough to point out that their prime minister should inquire into his health if he is becoming too exhausted to address the nation.
  8. Buju was naughty when he sang Boom Bye Bye in 1992, but a gay and lesbian organization in the US is protesting his Grammy nomination even if his current album does not promote violence against homosexuals.
  9. It was nice that the Guyana Police Force embraced and promoted a police officer who was blinded in both eyes while on duty.

10.  The ‘dance hall summit’ was a nice move. Dancehall artists Vybz Kartel and Movado met with Jamaican Cabinet Ministers to hammer out a truce between Gully and Gaza factions.

11.  The English football team is entertaining naughty thoughts of using Viagra just before they go out on the field. Research shows that this drug helps athletes perform better at their sport.

12.  The International Baseball Federation was nice enough to elect one of Castro’s sons as a vice president of the organization despite prevailing anti –Cuban sentiments in some areas.

13.  A Jamaican man who was bitten by a dog was naughty enough to go looking for the dog after he left the hospital. And he bit it back!

14.  Some Americans are saying that it is naughty of CBS to cancel ‘As the World Turns’ after 54 years.

15.  It’s nice that there are major plans in the pipeline for St. Lucia’s Boys Training Centre.

16.  The thieves who stole the corpse of the former president of the Republic of Cyprus are undoubtedly naughty. Neither the motive nor the corpse has been uncovered.

17.  It was nice that a Vincentian was recognized for his ‘Welectricity’ innovation.

18.  It’s nice that the US has organizations to answer kids’ Santa letters but it’s disheartening when they receive a naughty letter from a kid stating “Dear Santa, I am going to kill you and steal the toys from your workshop.”

19.  It’s nice that the US pay czar is the one who gets to decide the compensation packages of the companies that received bailout money from the government. Top executes are already fearful and threatening to quit.

Consider yourself up to speed….


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