What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (21st-27th Nov, 2009)


My North American friend, Carolyn, wants to know what some Caribbean terms mean. As the Trinis would say, ‘I find she too damn farse’. But I concede to just 19 (this time); however Ms. Lady will have to read between the lines. I also warned her that Caribbean talk is not as forgiving as what she is used to:

  1. Slackness: A Canadian woman lost her insurance benefits because while on sick leave she posted vacation photos on Facebook. The pics showed her in slackness – having fun at the beach, a nightclub and her birthday party.
  2. They dread eh: Iranian authorities are so dread that they confiscated a Nobel Peace medal conferred on a native human rights lawyer.
  3. Lawd put a hand: In this recession, someone purchased Michael Jackson’s white glove for over US $350,000.
  4. Star boy: US Pilot Chesley Sullenberger who became a star boy for safely landing in the Hudson River in January, claimed that his feat resulted in ‘rock star sex’ with his wife.
  5. Dem fellas sick: Two Jamaican thieves were hospitalized after falling from an ackee tree while they were fighting over who had the right to tief from the tree.
  6. Under heavy manners:  Government officials want to have Italians under heavy manners by cancelling lunch breaks. They claim that this will benefit both health and the economy.
  7.  Mate ignorant-ee: is what Colombia’s leader really wanted to say about Chavez and his threats of war when he actually said, “We will not be provoked. The insults bounce off us.”
  8. Pappyshow: A Japanese gamer officially got married to one of the virtual women in a video game – now that’s pure pappyshow.
  9. Guava season: In this guava season, Venezuelans are spending more than ever on facelifts, liposuction,      and breast augmentations. They say that it helps them forget their money woes.
  10. Poor jab: A Taiwanese man was robbed of more than $2 million in cash as soon as he withdrew it from the bank.
  11. Fire burn!: That’s directed at the person who started a group on Facebook urging a mass suicide on December 21st. Approximately 190 people joined the group; Hong Kong police are investigating.
  12. Anti- man (and that’s being nice): Everyone knows that Adam Lambert from American Idol is an anti-man, but he angered Americans when he kissed a man and smashed another man’s face into his crotch while he performed at the AMAs.
  13. Bon Dieu!: is what I said when I heard that in Jamaica, a gay man gouged out both of his lover’s eyes because the poor man didn’t sleep at his house on Saturday.
  14. Feel a how: Rihanna said that she felt a how about the nude photos of her that were leaked onto the internet in May, but she added “If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.”
  15. Bobol: Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford is suing Lloyd’s of London for defense costs. The insurer refuses to give him additional funds based on the claim that they do not provide coverage for bobol.
  16. Fete: Hopefully the Commonwealth leaders had no time to fete in Trinidad this week. This summit was supposed to be so serious that it was actually referred to as a “crisis summit” due to the recession and climate change issues.
  17. Big Up: to St. Lucia. 209 yachts are headed there as part of the 24th ARC.
  18. A-A: is all I could manage when I heard that a US man wanted to shop; therefore he locked his two young sons (3and6 yrs) in the trunk of his car while he did so. 
  19. In two twos:  A beer with an alcohol content of 32% was launched in Scotland. Some are upset because this means that in two twos they will be tipsy.

 (Carolyn and all yuh) consider yourselves up to speed…..


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