What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (14th-20th Nov.)



After seeing the movie 2012, I’m thinking that we need to enjoy the rest of our days here just in case the Mayans were right. Here are your 19 Dos and Don’ts to keep you safe and happy for the next three years:

  1. Don’t bow (in Jamaica or otherwise): Some Americans are upset, saying that Obama’s deep bow at the waist while meeting Japan’s Emperor Akihito was disgraceful.
  2. Do watch what you eat:  Russian police have arrested three homeless men suspected of killing and eating a man then selling the rest of the corpse to a local kebab house.
  3. Do follow tradition: A Jamaican man attacked his wife with a machete for preparing canned mackerel and white rice as ‘Sunday food’.
  4. Do wear proper underwear: A thief was caught in a small window and his pants fell off as a result of all the wriggling. And for the hours the cops tried to free him, the world got to watch his boxers.
  5.  Do something new: Oprah will move on; her show will end on its 25th anniversary, in 2011.
  6. Do lose weight: In Peru, four people were arrested on suspicion of killing people to sell their fat and tissue for cosmetic production in Europe.
  7. Do seek asylum: A young man in Jamaica, who went to purchase tampons for his girlfriend, was beaten by a group of men who called him a ‘mama man’.
  8. Don’t pass judgment: In Trinidad, a man sentenced to hang warned the trial judge that he “will pay.”
  9. Do start a neighbourhood watch: A Missouri girl killed her 9-year-old neighbor because she “wanted to know what it felt like”.

10.  Do find love: A 94 year old man in Barbados just got married again. It’s his 4th marriage.

11.  Don’t question the obvious: South African teen, Caster Semenya gets to keep her medal but the results of her gender tests will not be made public.

12.  Do ignore the bill of rights (but not the bill): An American couple was arrested and charged for ‘theft’ for not giving a tip after they finished their meal at a restaurant.

13.  Do take advantage of happy hours: A study showed that men who drink alcohol every day cut their risk of heart disease by more than a third.

14.  Do appreciate freeness: At a bookstore in US, customers who buy Palin’s new book will receive a free bag of “Just Plain Nutz.”

15.  Don’t mix up Big Mac and Mac Daddy: Some white teenage boys will go to court for rapping their order at a McDonald’s drive thru in Utah.

16.  Do choose your friends carefully: Trinidad plans to fight crime by posting photographs and other information about wanted criminals on Facebook.

17.  Do avoid Bòbòl: Based on a corruption index, Barbados was found to be the least corrupt in the Caribbean. Out of 180 countries they ranked 20th; St. Lucia ranked 22nd .

18.  Don’t be jaded: St.Lucia’s Jade Mountain won the first ever Gava Gold Award.

19.  Don’t take this lightly: Iranian leader, Ahmadinejad wants an alliance with Venezuelan bad boy Chavez.

Consider yourself up to speed….


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