What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (7th-13th Nov)


Every week when we read/hear the news, at least once we go, “What? How could they do that?”  This shows that it takes all kinds of people to make this world of ours go ‘round. This week particularly, we learned about:

1)      A Copycat: Sosa, a former baseball player (and former black man) now looks suspiciously light skinned.

2)      A Sousè/Tattler: A co-worker called the police on a pilot who was intoxicated but intent on flying from the UK  to the US.

3)      Frustrated People: A Guyanese woman jumped off Kaieteur Falls; her friend committed suicide using her father’s gun, a few days later.

4)      A Bold-faced Woman: The lady attacked by a chimp in February, revealed her disfigured face on Oprah.

5)      Authorities on Beauty: According to BeautifulPeople.com, Britons are among the ugliest in the world.

6)      An ‘Unphotogenic’ man: Tyson assaulted a photographer at LAX. No, there was no ear biting involved.

7)      A Photogenic man: A British fugitive sent a picture of himself to the local paper because he disliked the mug shot they’d published.

8)      The Recently Gone: The US reported approx. 4000 swine flu deaths and the UK, 182.

9)      The Long Gone: 11th November was Remembrance Day, Armistice day, Poppy Day, Veterans Day.  Hope you remembered!

10)  The Accomplished: St. Lucia’s Tourism Minister won the 2009 Caribbean Travel Personality.

11)  Sparring Neighbors: Chavez threatened Colombia with war; Columbia ran to the Security Council.

12)  Weight Watchers: A Trini judge urged remanded prisoners to go on a hunger strike to protest the state of the justice system.

13)  Amateurs: Another sex tape surfaced. This time it involves former Ms. Universe contestant, Anya Ayoung-Chee.

14)  The Trigger Happy: A South African minister urged police to shoot to kill criminals.

15)  The Guilty: Balloon boy’s parents pled guilty to charges to avoid the mother’s deportation.

16)  The Not So Guilty: A Facebook message exonerated a suspected robber who’d posted a message on the site just one minute before the robbery.

17)  The Sick: Kareem AbdulJabbar is being treated for a rare form of leukemia.

18)  The Petrified: Gay Caribbean people are seeking asylum in the US as they insist that grave danger waits at home. They still remember the infamous ‘Boom By By’

19)  A Good Samaritan: A Jamaican man safely returned a baby found in the car he’d stolen.

Consider yourself up to speed….


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