What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (31st Oct- 6th Nov)


When the going gets tough, what do you do? We all act differently as the 19 incidents below show:

1)      Remain calm and resolute: The Obama documentary “By the People” debuted and showed that that was how the presidency was won.

2)      Bully someone: Two male Beefeaters were suspended for bullying the first ever female warder.

3)      Get if off your chest: Rihanna gave details of her abuse by Chris Brown.

4)      Take a vacation: The first hotel in space will be opened in 2012. There, guests will experience the sunrise 15 times a day and go around the world every 80 minutes.

5)      Undo it: Antigua is looking to revoke Allan Stanford’s knighthood.

6)      Come together: Caribbean states are in favor of lifting the US embargo on Cuba.

7)      Torture someone: Guyanese police set the genitals of a minor ablaze, burnt the insides of mouth with cigarettes and beat him.

8)      Overcome: Yankees beat Phillies

9)      Hide: A 7 month baby girl who was reported missing for 5 days was actually found alive under the bed in their house.

10)  Evacuate: The UN will pull 600 staff from Afghanistan.

11)  Shop: Nicolas Cage has bought yachts, a jet, a castle, over 50 cars, two islands, a dinosaur skull, human skulls etc.

12)  Do nothing: Chris Gayle remains the captain of the West Indian cricket team.

13)  Act a fool: Michael Jordan’s son wore Nike shoes to play on an Adidas sponsored team, and cost the team their sponsor.

14)  Bury the hatchet: Manning and Panday try to work together for a new Trini constitution

15)  Relieve your bladder: An Englishman urinated over a war memorial and could face jail time as a result.

16)  Go berserk: A US army psychiatrist trained to help soldiers in distress, killed 13 and wounded 30 soldiers on base in Texas.

17)  Retire: Bolt’s head coach retires after 22 years as the national senior head coach.

18)  Strike: Water authority workers in St. Lucia threatened to shut down the tourist sector and in fact the entire island  with their strike action.

19)  Die and rise again: A ‘dead’ man was said to have walked out of a morgue in Barbados.

 Consider yourself (aware of more options and) up to speed…


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