What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (24th- 30th Oct)


“This Is It” received rave reviews globally but MJ was not the only one who made the headlines. Who wanted to be ‘It’? Who/what was trying to steal the spotlight from him?

 1)      The Yankees and the Phillies

2)      Michael Jackson himself: It is alleged that pictures taken at Jackson’s autopsy have been leaked

3)      Pakistanis: they gave Hilary Clinton a sound thrashing

4)      Swine flu: a national emergency was declared in the US on account of the H1N1

5)      An American hotelier: he  forbade Hispanic employees from speaking Spanish and forced them to anglicize their names

6)      A Home Depot employee: he got  fired for refusing to take off a pin with “One Nation Under God, Indivisible”

7)      The pilots who were distracted for over an hour last week: they got their licenses revoked.

8)      British Airways: they added 2000 additional seats to the Caribbean.

9)      Tight pants on Indonesian women: these will be banned

10)  Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas and Cuba: Out of 134 countries they ranked 19, 21, 28 and 29 respectively, based on equality of men and women

11)  Fidel Castro’s sister: she accused Fidel of still holding the power in Raul’s government

12)  Chavez: he sent a message to Obama to start earning his Nobel Peace Prize.

13)  Criminals brandishing mobile phone guns: It Is In, in T&T

14)  The culmination of Cancer Awareness month; Creole Heritage month in St. Lucia; Tourism Awareness month in St. Kitts and Nevis

15)  Former PM of Grenada, Keith Mitchell: A Grenadian newspaper has to be liquidated to pay him US$71,000 in his libel suit against them.

16)  St.Lucia’s Crusader newspaper: they called for the sick, accommodated at the George Odlum Sports Stadium after St. Jude’s hospital fire, to be evicted.

17)  Andre Agassi: he was ‘Open’ and admitted to using crystal meth during his career

18)  Bolt: he can’t outrun a cheetah but he adopted one in Kenya

19)  A 5 year old Romanian boy: he has a six pack and a sculpted body. It’s a curious case. Don’t believe me? http://www.nydailynews.com/money/work_career/2009/10/26/2009-10-26_photos_fiveyearold_has_six_pack_breaks_records.html

Amid the jostling for the limelight, you can still Consider yourself up to speed…


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