What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 (17th-23rd Oct)


1)    A Sicilian man prefers prison to house arrest to avoid quarrels with his wife. Wow!

 2)    While an American husband and wife are tied together in a frightening way – they both have breast cancer.

 3)    Recently CBS’s David Letterman! Now an ESPN analyst has his very own sex scandal.

 4)    Bruneians seem less tolerant of infidelity – a survey shows that most of them want unfaithful husbands whipped. Will it be televised?

 5)    Chavez advised Venezuelans that 3 minute showers are more than sufficient and soon after…

 6)    It was announced by the Venezuelan National Assembly that the plot to kill Chavez will be revealed shortly. Venezuelans don’t play.

 7)    In Barbados, it is estimated that over 25% of the population will be over 65 by 2020. They need to start stocking up on some vital supplies.

 8)    In the US, 40% of parents will not let their children get the swine flu vaccine because they do not think it is safe. So, many may not live to see 65.

 9)    Mayumi Heene, the balloon boy’s mother, admits that the incident was a hoax to make her family more marketable for a reality show. They need a reality check!

 10) Amy Whinehouse’s father admits that Amy’s boobs look great, after her boob job.  TMI from you Sir!

11) Wyclef hopes to publish his memoir soon.

 12) The next chapter in Wizzy’s life includes a jail term. Joining TI

 13) The pilots of a Northwest Airlines plane claimed to be distracted by a “heated discussion” and so missed their stop by 150 miles (i.e. over an hour). What were the air hostesses and passengers doing all that time???

 14) The AirAsia flight crew was legitimately distracted when a child was born on board. Mother and child get free flights for life.

 15) In the US, the companies that received bailout money will be forced to cut on the compensation packages of executives. And I bet they’re not happy about it, while…

 16) In order to help their economy some wealthy Germans are the ones begging the government to tax them more heavily, since they have more money than they need.

 17) Madonna’s neighbors are not willing to accept the noisy rehearsals held at her apartment.

18) Afghanistan’s president is willing to accept a runoff election because of allegations of fraud in the last election.

 19) “This is it” Yes it is

 Consider yourself up to speed…..


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