What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19… (3rd -9th Oct)


All week, I was mostly asking, “Fa real?.” Here’s why:

1. Some Australians performed the ‘Jackson Jive’ and the Americans threw a hissy fit. All the while their own Rush Limbaugh is proposing a return to a segregated school bus system on American soil.

2. By the way, Rush secured a gig as a judge at the Miss America Pageant 2010

3. But President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize

4. This week, two suicide bombers struck. One outside the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan (17 killed) and the other near a market in Pakistan (49 killed). Note to self: Avoid suspicious looking men sitting in cars, sweating profusely.

5. Egyptian lawmakers want to ban the import of Artificial Virginity Hymen kit into their country. It allows reclamation of virginity for a mere US$30. Men don’t like to be duped and the long muscular arms of the law will see to that.

6. The powers that be in T&T declared no “wee- wee” trucks for carnival. Ya hadda hold your pee-pee and wine!

7. The airlines are a little more considerate. Some introduced ‘poop-ons’: receipts proving that you’ve used the washroom before boarding the plane.  The refund is dependent on load deposited in the lav!

8. Doctor Conrad Murray just added the failure to pay child support on top of his mound of legal troubles

9. Slave girl Melvinia was found perched in Michelle Obama’s family tree

10.  St. Lucian athlete Levern Spencer is now part of LIME family and getting some well deserved assistance

11.  A Bajan lawyer was remanded for stealing over a million dollars from clients.

12.  Bounty Killa was denied entry to Trinidad and Tobago despite the fact that he had a performance planned.  No explanation was given by authorities.

13.  Jamaican hijacker Stephen Fray was sentenced to 83 yrs in prison despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia

14.  Trinidad Cement Limited is taking on the government of Guyana for not effecting the common external tariff on cement from sources outside of CARICOM

15.  Serena is shiny and nude on the cover of the ESPN Body Issue

16.  “I recognise you are increasingly more beautiful than you are intelligent.” Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said this to a female politician on television. Can you believe that?

17.  NASA played  LCROSS on the moon

18.  The French Culture minister refused to resign based on his penchant for Thai garcons. Sampling different cultures is part of his portfolio I guess.

19. A Saudi man was sentenced to five years imprisonment and 1,000 lashes for talking about his sex life on television. Isn’t that the same concept as Rock of Love, Flavor of love and For the Love of Ray? Give the guy a break. Well…um…

Consider yourself up to speed!


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