What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19… (26 Sept-2 Oct)


It was disaster upon disaster this week. Let’s sift through the rubble; there are still some gems.

1)      Well- loved Trini cop “Smiley” was shot several times when he went to investigate a robbery in progress. His name says it all. He’s a friend of my business. Thank God he’s alive!

2)      However, approx 170 (so far) lost their lives when Samoa was hit by a tsunami and earthquake. They were not so lucky and…

3)      The Indonesian island of Sumatra was also struck by an earthquake. The death toll now stands at over a thousand

4)      Jamaica will have to put out big bucks to prevent a one metre rise in sea levels and consequently disasters of the magnitude seen this week

5)      A student shoos the IMF from Turkey by tossing a sneaker at the Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn. A familiar amBUSH!

6)      Another surprise : an autopsy found that Michael Jackson was in fairly good health for his age

7)      A second autopsy found that a T&T prisoner was strangled while in police custody and did not die as a result of suicide (by hanging) as per the findings of the first autopsy. Ro- ro!

8)      Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford should thank his lucky stars that he’s not in a T&T prison then. He had to be hospitalized after a fight in the US prison and was subsequently moved to another prison. But they claim that the fight was not the reason for the move. Eh-heh…

9)      Talk about boldfaced! A kid posted a quiz on Facebook: “Should Obama be killed?” Wonder if he knows that …

10)   Glenn Beck of Fox News got blasted by the White House for being vindictive.

11)   St.Lucia is set for its first casino and there are concerns about money launderers

12)   The political leader of Cayman islands can relate as he is now fighting the label of ‘havens for the shady tax evaders’.

13)   Assistance keeps pouring in for St.Lucia’s St.Judes hospital after part of it was destroyed by fire in September

14)   Murders so far for 2009: Trinidad (400 +) Jamaica (700+) St. Lucia (30)

15)   However, Bajans vendors are refusing to let the recession kill their spirits. They have started setting up shop near funerals. Ever noticed how crying/mourning makes you famished/thirsty? They figured it out, and they are in fact making money.

16)   John Travolta testified that two Bahamians tried to extort money from him by threatening to implicate him in his son’s death. It’s a blasted shame!

17)   The ECCB celebrates 26 years of stability and credibility. Such a source of pride for the small islands.

18)   The world powers insist on an inspection of Iran’s nuclear facility

19)   Sarah Palin is “Going Rogue”. As long as she’s going….

Consider yourself up to speed….


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