What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19 ….(Sept 19th to 25th)


 Hey, here’s what happened this week while you were hard at work or in some cases on Facebook.

  1. A doctor implanted a woman with the wrong embryo. The woman has to give up the baby to the biological parents
  2. A trini doctor was being overpaid for 36 months, but said nothing. She now has to repay the $800,000 or face legal action. Her husband is a lawyer. I’m looking forward to the defense’s argument
  3. A 19.2 lb baby was born in Indonesia. Ouch!
  4. A woman got pregnant while she was already pregnant. This makes what I learnt in secondary school in relation to this utterly useless
  5. PM Patrick Manning urged Trinidadians to continue to tighten their belts. Yea right…
  6. But apparently Kfed wants to be able to do the same ,since rumor has it that he is headed to Celebrity Fit Club
  7. The US effort in Afghanistan needs more troops or risks failure
  8. And in the war against crime, now that the novelty of the blimp has worn off, Trini police want to start wiretapping
  9. This brand of sneakiness got Ahmadinejad found out at the G 20 summit. It was revealed that Iran is operating a secret nuclear plant
  10. Despite argument that he was delusional, 21 year old Jamaican Stephen Fray was found guilty of hijacking CanJet back in April
  11. Would- be terrorist Zazi proved just how toxic cosmetics are by using them to make explosives. Now we know the real meaning behind “True Blend”
  12. Gadhafi’s ran his mouth for 96 minutes at the UN. Even his interpreter gave up on him
  13. New York Gov. Patterson has been urged not to run for reelection. He has a 20% approval rating; the state may have already given up on him
  14. Khloe Kardashian is getting married after one month of courtship. That’s the Hollowood way.
  15. A breakthrough in AIDS research comes after years of investment. AIDS/HIV vaccine trial to be undertaken in Thailand. This vaccine could cut risk of HIV infection by 31%
  16. One Day at a Time’s Mackenzie Phillips admitted to an incestuous relationship with her father
  17. St. Kitts and Nevis deemed a positive model for Caribbean countries. Take heed blacklisted Caribbean neighbours
  18. Jamaica, Guyana, St. Lucia were the top performers  at 2009 Gay Caribbean/USA Pageant. Jamaica? How ironic
  19. Caribbean countries are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change

Consider yourself up to speed!


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