What a Wick: the last 7 days in 19… (Sept 12th to 18th)


Here are 19 things you should know about the week gone by: The Good, The Sad and The Fugly –  You decide which is which.

1)      Kate Gosselin got a new hairdo; it’s not such a hair-raising situation anymore

2)      St. Lucian Ernest Hilaire was appointed CEO of the WICB – the fifth in nine years. Good Luck!

3)      Usain Bolt is to be given the Order of Jamaica – this country’s 4th highest honor. The highway where he crashed his car recently will also be renamed after him.

4)      A Toyota floor mat was identified as the cause in recent car crash in San Diego County

5)      The British couple attacked in Tobago, wrote a letter stating that “one person’s act is not a reflection of the nation.”

6)      But in one week 15 more were murdered in T&T

7)      St. Lucian lawyers protested against the state of the justice system

8)      Bajan hurdler Ryan Brathwaite won Gold at the World Championships in Berlin

9)      Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer

10)   Obama classed Jamaica a major drug trafficking nation

11)   And Trinidad ranked 98th among rum drinking nations

 12)   The chicken catcher won America’s Got Talent. No one cried foul …

13)   …Except Serena  Williams’ who verbally assaulted a courtside judge during her match against Kim Clijsters

14)   Ellen Degeneres was named 4th Judge on American Idol.  She got spoofed by her predecessor Paula Abdul

15)   Another wave of swine flu is expected

16)   Trinidadian poet, Wayne Brown and Jamaican cultural icon, Trevor Rhone passed away this week

17)   Kanye West  ‘acted stupidly’ and embarrassed  Taylor Swift and himself – live at the VMAs

18)   Beyonce stood up for Taylor Swift – live at the VMAs

19)   President Obama called  Kanye West a jackass (Lol). The Prez may be hanging out with Biden way too much. Expect another Beer Summit soon peoplz…

Consider yourself up to speed!


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  1. lol. That is the second book, so I guess you will have to wait a little longer. But it is coming! It is a necessity. lol

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