Calling all Caribbean Men


This is a brief informal survey of Caribbean men on what they find sexy/appealing, for an article I am writing. If you wish to participate please email me your responses. Feel free to add in comments where you please. Your personal information will not  be printed. However, if you want your picture and name to appear in the magazine, that can be arranged. This issue of Caribbean Belle Magazine is due out in October, 2009.
1.       What physical features do you find most attractive on Caribbean women?

2.      What is the sexiest piece of clothing on a Caribbean woman?

3.       What is your preference where makeup on a woman is concerned? 

4.       For you, a woman must be slim to be sexy.           1) True                 2) False 

5.       If you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, how important are looks on a scale of 1-10     (with 1 being ‘unimportant’, but 10 ‘extremely important’).
6.       Do you think the media puts too much pressure on Caribbean women to conform to what is the North     American idea of beauty?  1)      Yes                                 2) No                    
7.        Any words of wisdom for Caribbean women where beauty is concerned?


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