Reality Vs Fiction


I am beginning to think that our present reality is so much more intriguing than fiction. Maybe I should change a few names and places and viola, a bestseller.

1)      South African teen, Caster Semenya, gets a makeover to prove that she is female. But the pictures are still not all that convincing. I’ll wait on the test results if you don’t mind.,187999

 2)      Amerijet cargo carriers have no lavatories onboard and pilots use plastic bags as makeshift toilets. I would love to be at a pilot orientation exercise. (Hey Dan, you’re using the wrong bag. That’s the bag for #1!)

 3)      The Trinidad Police Force is overrun by rogue cops. Well, sorry, that’s not news. Lemme try again…

 4)       The Trini 2009/2010 budget throws rum, cigarettes and property into the same category – out of the reach of the malayway!

 5)      President Obama addressed American students to encourage excellence but conservatives see this as a form of brainwashing. BRB… I’m going to look up the definition of brainwashing.


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