Project Update


I am truly languishing on the writer’s block this week. I am contemplating Stephen King’s comment, “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”

Tidbit about the novel:

It is set in St. Lucia, the fair Helen of the West.


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  1. P’rhaps a little prompt might help: Any ninja turtles in the book? A few talking, cuddly marsupials, maybe? Enough latitude in the plotting for a few car chases? Characters politically correct in their ethnic/economic/gender/sexual/body type/age diversity?

    Get those all correct and you’ll fill a couple hundred pages easily… might not be memorable, but would certainly be marketable.

  2. Lol. My Idea Generator fell and broke. Searching for one online now. Maybe I can get one from Best Buy or one of those stores. But I dont want yours na. Thanks anywayz 😉

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